26.04.2016 - Styria concerts


Dear fans,

giving a concert in Styria is always something very special to me!
This year I will be a musical guest for three times:

This Friday Apr. 29th I will give a concert in beautiful southeast Styria, exactly in Leitersdorf bei Feldbach where I once teached. (see the article above)

On Friday July 8th, 2016 my big solo concert with band will take place at Schlossberg Graz (Kasematten).

And on Nov. 4th, 2016 it will take off to the disco in Fürstenfeld to Tanzbar Mamamia ... this is indeed a completely new way to which I already look forward to... :-)

Love from

(Photo: Phil Meinwelt, Berlin; article: Kleine Zeitung)

23.02.2016 - Journey to the isle of Brac / Croatia

My dear ones!

I am happy to announce that this year there will be another beautiful journey with a concert besides my river cruise. Gruber Reisen invites to Autumn's finale to the isle of Brac under the dalmatian sun. This bus travel will lead you to an especially beautiful beach in Croatia where one can enjoy the southern sun even in October. 
Take the time for this escape from everyday's life. Body and soul will be grateful!

Here is some information (click on pictures to enlarge):

Kroatien Reise Seite1kl   Kroatien Reise Seite2kl

I already look forward to welcoming you in Brac!

See you soon,



01.01.2016 - A good start

Neujahr16 1

Dear visitors of my website,


At the start of 2016 there is a new reality in Austria's musical radio space, namely „Die neue Wirklichkeit“ (the new reality) on 1st place of the airplay charts!!!!!
Yes, it is indeed the most often played song of the regional studios in Austria and that pleases me a lot!!! :-))

The main line in the title mentions where we all are now, in a "NEW REALITY"!

How things in this generally so beautiful world will go on, depends on each single one of us! I gladly agree with the line in one of Udo Jürgens' songs in which it says: "Dont't forget about love... "

Let us make an "Alles Liebe" from „Alles Walzer“,


P.S. Another note: In addition to the solo concerts on June 9th, 2016 in Chemnitz and on July 8th, 2016 in Graz there will be another date on June 10th, 2016 in Wittenberg.

Photo copyright: private



15.10.2015 - New Double-CD "Mit Dir ... durch die Winterzeit"

cd mit dir christmas

Dear fans,

on Oct. 23rd, 2015 a new double-CD named „Mit Dir ... durch die Winterzeit" (With You ... through wintertime) will be released.

You find on it all titles from my current album 2015 plus all bonus titles of the various editions.

As a very special goodie I have recorded following songs anew:

Stille Nacht
Es wird scho glei dumpa
Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)

The duet „Gib einem Kind deine Hand", which I have sung with my colleague Yvann from French Switzerland, can also be found on the double album.

You can already order the album in the Fan boutique now »

Have fun, and with it I already wish you a beautiful wintertime :-)




01.10.2015 - Concert delayed

Dear fans,

due to business-internal reasons the concert in A-2560 Berndorf is being delayed by the organiser from Oct 3rd, 2015 to April 16th, 2016. All ticket owners will get their money back on request.

The editorial office.

29.07.2015 - Monika Martin Fan travel - river cruise

Dear fans,

I have the great pleasure to announce a Monika Martin fan journey for the year 2016.

It will take place as a river cruise on the danube.

The journey is operated by Plantours Kreuzfahrten and will take place from Sept. 22nd to 28th, 2016 on the luxury boat Elegant Lady. The access and exit port is in the town Passau. The journey will go from Passau via Vienna, Esztergom, Budapest, Bratislava to Dürnstein and back again to Passau. The guided tours on land make the journey a very varied one.

Due to time reasons I will access the boat on Sept. 23rd in Vienna. On Sep. 25th, when we are in Budapest, I will give a concert on board. On Sep. 26th I will leave the ship in Bratislava again, heading to the concerts in Grossharthau near Dresden.

Further booking information on the Monika Martin Fan journey you will find in the enclosure!

I very much look forward to the fan river cruise together with You! The price offer is unique! As a special goodie the organiser offers all Monika Martin fans a beverage set amounting to € 78,- p.P. for free.

Ship ahoy and I look forward to You,



(Click on picture to enlarge)

kl flusskatalog2016



19.07.2015 - International Fan club meeting 2016

fcschweizFlagge Schweiz

Dear fans,

now it is certain: The next international fan club meeting will take place in Switzerland from June 24th to 26th, 2016. It will be hosted by the Swiss Fan club for the first time, and I already look forward to welcome you all in Bern. The preparations for the program and the schedule of these days are already beginning.

For detailed questions and registration please directly contact Jean-Pierre Schmutz, fan club manager for the Swiss region.

I look forward to seeing you!



Monika Martin
Fan Club Switzerland

Schmutz Jean-Pierre    

Bernstrasse 68
CH-3175 Flamatt
Tel. 0041/31/7413610



09.04.2015 - Charts !!!

CD20 Box Monika Martin

Dear fans,

Monika Martin's 20th album "Mit Dir" (Telamo) started off on the right foot!
It reached the highest chart entries in Monika Martin's career in the international sales charts of three countries!

Germany #13
Austria #6
Switzerland #35

Austria DVD #2

Furthermore the new album reached Gold status in Austria on the first release day!!

We cordially congratulate all people involved and of course our Monika!!

The editorial office.


Following this link you can also find TELAMO's press report.

Photo: Phil MEINWELT, Berlin

04.04.2015 - Easter

Moni Brille

Dear fans,

I hope that you have a free Easter weekend and can enjoy a wonderful time!

I also have some time to recharge my batteries again, since I have well done the big tours like media tour Germany, radio promo tour Austria and Germany and center promo tour with Alpha in Germany in the course of launching my 20th CD. It have been many thousands of kilometers I have driven and flown all over the lands, but I wouldn't miss one single encounter. It is good that we finally have met again face to face!! :-)

Thank you also for coming to the center promotion dates by Alpha with a short showcase and autograph session in such great number!! This has simply been GREAT!!!

I wish all of you a blessed Easter among your dear ones and a good time!

For all those who have lost a dear one, may this celebration give you hope and keep you grounded, and let us not forget:


This message is the core of our Easter celebration!

A blessed time and love


Photo copyright: private

04.02.2015 - New album overview

album2015Dear fans,

with excitement I am awaiting - like some of you, too - March 27th, 2015. That will be the day when my first album with my new recording label Telamo (for me it is already my 20th album) will be released. Because there will be some special editions to this album, I would like to give you a brief overview here. To be specific, there will be some CDs with additional bonus songs which will be only available in certain stores.

Here is the overview:
The main album "Mit Dir" contains 14 new songs.
These 14 songs are the heart piece of all following editions.

Media Markt / Saturn: 14 tracks plus "La Luna blu" (Space Remix 2015) -> Saturn  -> Media Markt

Müller: 14 tracks plus "Schmetterling der Nacht"

Shop24Direct: 14 tracks plus "Das kleine Haus am Meer (DJ Echolot Remix) und "DJ Echolot Hit-Mix 2015"  -> Shop24Direct

Alpha: 14 tracks plus "Die neue Wirklichkeit" (DJ Echolot Remix)

Libro: 14 tracks plus "Küss mich, halt mich, lieb mich"

From Amazon.de you can order the album as a normal CD and have it sent to you via postmail. If you buy the album as a download, you also get the video clip "Wolken bleiben niemals lang" as a bonus.

I hope I have given you, dear fans, an overview, so that really every one of my new songs can be found. CAUTION: Each edition has only a certain limited quantity and will not be reproduced !!

One thing you can believe me: I am already very curious how you will like my new album and all of the bonus tracks. I can hardly await to hear your responses!

However, it won't take long ... :-)
At the following link you can have a little taste: http://www.shop24direct.de/mit-dir-exklusiv-edition.html


(Photo copyright: Phil MEINWELT, Berlin)

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